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London Boutique Hotels

The distinctions among London bed and breakfasts, full-fledged London hotels and London boutique hotels which set each group apart have nothing to do with size, amenities or services provided. It quite simply comes down to a matter of “style”.

Boutique hotels revolve around a theme, and each room within the hotel reflects that theme individually. Sometimes each room will have a name to denote its adherence to the topic and the room will be decorated in keeping with it.

London boutiques are fantastic examples of this increasingly popular type of hotel. They are real experts in demonstrating how it should be done using imagination and good taste. Even when over-the-top, the British boutiques still come shining through as comfortable and beautiful gems that you will enjoy and want to get back to. In many cases, you’ll be so allured by the many displays of unusual items to feast your eyes on that you may not want to venture outside!

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If you’ve ever been to Miller’s Residence, you’ll know what I mean. This lovely luxury boutique is set in the style of a 18th-century house.  They have an eclectic assortment of rooms all echoing shades of the past surrounded by antiques and curiosities.  All of their rooms are named after famous romantic poets to help get your imagination in gear.  Choose from Keats, Blake, Byron, Shelley, Coleridge, Browning, Tennyson or Wordsworth.  Each one is filled to the rafters with paintings, books, knick knacks, mirrors, period pieces and furniture all reminiscent of the era and the famed poet it is honouring.

For total and complete opulence in an Italian style, there is the Baglioni Hotel.  This London boutique is one of many Baglioni hotels throughout Europe and has won the distinctive recognition as one of the “Leading Small Hotels of the World”.  This Tuscan-inspired hotel will greet you with a beautiful fountain, Italian ceramic and stone floors and unbelievable gold vases brimming with white roses.  There are more than 50 suites here, and you will have access to a personal shopper, a butler, spa, fitness centre, and don’t forget the chauffeur-driven Maserati Quattroporte! The rooms are decorated in sumptuous fabrics, and linens with gorgeous Venetian glass and mirrors all put together in a refined elegance.

When looking for a boutique – in London – here are a few tips to help in your selection:

  • Decide on where you want to stay, i.e. which area of London, before looking at the choices.
  • If you have predetermined needs, such as WiFi in your room, write these down. Most of the boutiques we show you will more-than-likely have these, but better just be sure.
  • Is it necessary for you to be by a tube stop?
  • How easy will it be to grab a cab?
  • One of my absolute favourite boutiques is Blakes. But it’s tucked away in a residential area of Chelsea, and sometimes it can be difficult to grab a taxi. (Chelsea in the evenings is especially hard to find a cab as there are some great restaurants in the area and many people are finishing up their meals and leaving at the same time.) You may need to walk to the main road. If you’re unsure and this is important to you, call the hotel to see if they’ve a doorman who will fetch one for you.

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With all of those items checked, now it’s time to determine which hotel offers your preferred style. Do you like minimalist decor or are you a Victorian-ambience junky? There are so many styles of boutiques in London that we have classified them to help you narrow down your choices by what you’re looking for such as:

* Traditional British
* Quirky English
* Continental
* Modern Trendy

Within each of these groupings, below are the London boutiques which are reviewed by Mr and Mrs Smith’s. Their reviews are not the typical ones you see on the internet; but rather they offer offbeat, tongue-in-cheek observations melded with honest impressions.

One thing is sure, if you choose to stay in the Quirky English boutique, The Gore, and remain in the Judy Garland room, (where you’ll sleep in her bed), you will know you’re not in Kansas anymore!

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There are so many styles of boutiques in London that we have classified them to help you narrow down your choices by what you’re looking for such as:

  • Traditional British
  • Quirky English
  • Continental
  • Modern Trendy
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