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Hotel City How to earn Coins Tips

Hotel City How to earn Coins Tips

Well, in case you guys stuck on how to collect many coins on hotel city, I have a few tips to get many coins in hotel city :

1. Add more friends playing Hotel City

For each new friend you visit, you will get 1000 coins, and later on, you can visit them and click the coins bag in their Hotel City’s Lobby. The coins bags contain 400 coins at first and will grow bit by bit as you level up.

2. Poke your Hotel City guests

You can poke your Hotel City Guests using the bedrooms. If you’re lucky, they will give you coins bag. Some coins you get is the same as the first tip. There is a limit of 20 coins bag you can get per day from poking your Hotel City Guests and visiting your friend’s Hotel City.
Update: you can also poke your buddy’s Hotel City Guest to get coins.

3. Force the Guest using your Hotel City Room

You can Drag a character to your empty hotel city room (be it a commercial room or guest room) to force them using the room. Worth a try if you have some free time ;p

4. Work at your friend’s Hotel City and earn tips

Sometimes you will see your friends posting about hiring new staff for their city. This is also your chance to get more money. If you apply for the job, you can collect 500 coins from working in their Hotel City.

5. Use Calm Ocean Hotel City Decorated Room

This is temporary, as I believe this is a bug (If not, Hooray!!). Currently, the Calm Ocean Decorated Room (small room) has the same amount of coins you can get with a Hotel City Large Room, which is seven coins per 4 minutes. The standard small room can only get three coins per 3 minutes. Sure, it’s a bit expensive (30000 coins), but in the long run, you will get more coins, experiences and star rating from this room compared to using own decorated standard small room.

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