Hôtel restaurant la Varangue

L’Hôtel Restaurant « La Varangue » vous accueille dans un décor thématique alliant la paisibilité du classicisme et la chaleur de la tendance « ethnique », et apporte une touche d’exotisme à vos séjours…

De plus, les amateurs d’art et de collection se régaleront des objets de collection tapissant les murs, entre autres les appareils photographique et les radios à lampe, sans oublier les tableaux des peintres malgaches dans les chambres…

La Varangue vous apporte
une touche d’exotisme à votre séjours

Le Bar de l'Hôtel La Varangue AntananarivoSitué à Ambotsirohitra, près du Palais présidentiel, et proche des centres d’affaires (banque, principaux sites touristiques, supermarchés et boutiques, …)

Rien n’est laissé au hasard pour vos conforts, que ce soit pour un séjour d’affaires ou pour une escale touristique…

La Varangue Hôtel AntananarivoUn souci du détail et une attention particulière est donnée aux hôtes, avec enthousiasme et passion.

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Vacation Hotel Tips – Family Vacation

There are things every family needs to know before and during a trip or vacation. This way you will be able to avoid problems and have an excellent, hassle-free trip. Here are some family vacation tips that every family should remember.

Plan your budget but bring extra money

Before going on a trip, a family must plan their budget accordingly and know how much they are going to spend on each item like food, accommodations, shopping, things to do, etc. This is to ensure that you pay only what you want to spend and not go overboard. But even though you’ve made your budget, always bring a little bit of extra money for those “just in case” or emergencies that might happen. It’s always better to be prepared beforehand for any occurrence.

bring extra money

Always bring identification

Even if you’re not travelling internationally or crossing a border, it’s still best to bring even just one form of government-issued identification for each member of the family. This is to avoid any hassles if something might happen or you’re stopped by the police, and you need to show an ID. Bringing a passport is required though for international travel or crossing international borders.

Always bring identification

Put a tag on your bags

Put a sticker on your luggage with your name and contact number or put one of those luggage identification tags on your bag. This way if they ever get separated from you, the people who find it would be able to contact you. No one wants to be left without their things on a trip.

Put a tag on your bags

Bring something to keep you occupied

Always bring something to keep you and your family occupied while waiting at the airport, for example, or while waiting to check in at a hotel or resort. Especially with kids, who have a short attention span, you need to have activities for them to keep them busy or else they may start complaining and becoming cranky. Bring books to read, travel games where you don’t need to get loud, colouring books for kids, etc.


Go “all-inclusive.”

Another option before going on a trip is to decide to go to an all-inclusive vacation resort or get an all-inclusive package to remove all the hassles of planning and simply enjoy that much-awaited family vacation. The best all inclusive offers already have planned activities for you and your children and include a good variety of restaurants, so you can sit back, relax and simply enjoy.


Read up on where you’re going

Just so you don’t have any surprises, it’s good to do some research on where you’re going and what places you’ll be visiting. If you’re going to another country, for example, read up on their local customs and traditions to make sure you don’t accidentally offend or make a taboo during your trip.

Natural Beauty in Mauritius

Mauritius is pretty far out (in the Indian Ocean), but there are regular flights from Europe, and it is well worth the time and effort to land on this divine volcanic creation to the east of Madagascar. Once you get there, no painstaking effort to maximise your enjoyment will be required, as the island nation has a robust tourist industry that is set up to make your stay smooth and free from dullness or discomfort. English is widespread – most Mauritians (not Martians, get your head out of the galactic gutter)are bilingual – but if you want to brush up on your French (or Creole), your trip here will be a great chance. Locals will love you all the more.

The Grand Bay of Mauritius.

You won’t be left in want of entertainment and cultural activities. Grand Bay, on the northern end of the island, has been accommodating tourists for quite some time, and it is also where Mauritians prefer to go for a night out on the town. The nearby Pereybere public beach is noted for its selection of shopping, dining, and pubbing in the vicinity. At Pereybere the sand is soft, the lagoon is sectioned off for safe swimming, and the beach itself is, though not vast, uncrowded and inviting. The Beach House Restaurant and Bar, owned by a famous rugby player, is a favourite of both locals and visitors, with consistently good food, a laid back environment that is satisfying as a restaurant and a bar, and great local music.

Rochester Falls, Mauritius

The Labourdonnais Chateau.

But the natural beauty of the island doesn’t end with the beaches, where you can talk nice walks at remember after swimming and tanning. What a must-see on the northern end is Labourdonnais Chateau. This “chateau in a natural setting” was a family home for 150 years. When it was in disrepair and need of saving, a government agency stepped in to make it an attraction for visitors, displaying the natural splendour of Mauritius, as well as some of its history and cuisine. It has been designed as a sort of mini-museum, with several themed exhibition halls accessible by the second-floor veranda. Learn about the family history, the restoration project, and the current orchards, among other things.

These fellas hang out around the Chateau.

The orchards and gardens surrounding the house are probably the highlights. Promenades were constructed so that visitors could take a leisurely stroll and discover the wealth of plants on the island. Mango trees, spice trees, and a mix of exotic fruit trees join a host of other endemic power stations. There is also a section of the orchard which produces fruits for a variety of organic Labourdonnais products, which can be sampled in tasting bar on the premises. While strolling through the gardens, keep your eyes out for the giant Aldabra tortoises that feed serenely in the area. These majestic creatures, originally from Seychelles, are among the largest turtles in the world.

Mauritius Botanical Garden

You can find more turtles at the Baie aux Tortues.

Also in the area is the Bay of Tortoises (Baie aux Tortues), named after the various tortoises around, and the Balaclava Ruins. Maybe one afternoon you can walk along the bay to the ruins and explore the sea walls that tell of the island’s colonial past. The ruins are of a fortress built for the sugar empire established by the French. It’s an interesting bit of history, but it’s also an excellent photo op and place to take in the surrounding beauty, especially at sundown.


For a resort in Mauritius that is convenient to the airport, the Hilton Mauritius Resort and Spa, Flic en Flac is an excellent choice that offers decadent spas, private beach, and plenty of watersports.

Hotel City How to earn Coins Tips

Hotel City How to earn Coins Tips

Well, in case you guys stuck on how to collect many coins on hotel city, I have a few tips to get many coins in hotel city :

1. Add more friends playing Hotel City

For each new friend you visit, you will get 1000 coins, and later on, you can visit them and click the coins bag in their Hotel City’s Lobby. The coins bags contain 400 coins at first and will grow bit by bit as you level up.

2. Poke your Hotel City guests

You can poke your Hotel City Guests using the bedrooms. If you’re lucky, they will give you coins bag. Some coins you get is the same as the first tip. There is a limit of 20 coins bag you can get per day from poking your Hotel City Guests and visiting your friend’s Hotel City.
Update: you can also poke your buddy’s Hotel City Guest to get coins.

3. Force the Guest using your Hotel City Room

You can Drag a character to your empty hotel city room (be it a commercial room or guest room) to force them using the room. Worth a try if you have some free time ;p

4. Work at your friend’s Hotel City and earn tips

Sometimes you will see your friends posting about hiring new staff for their city. This is also your chance to get more money. If you apply for the job, you can collect 500 coins from working in their Hotel City.

5. Use Calm Ocean Hotel City Decorated Room

This is temporary, as I believe this is a bug (If not, Hooray!!). Currently, the Calm Ocean Decorated Room (small room) has the same amount of coins you can get with a Hotel City Large Room, which is seven coins per 4 minutes. The standard small room can only get three coins per 3 minutes. Sure, it’s a bit expensive (30000 coins), but in the long run, you will get more coins, experiences and star rating from this room compared to using own decorated standard small room.

Travel Adventures Could Be Fun If You Follow Bellow Tips

You may have memories of voyaging like an outing you required all through youth with the family. Voyaging when energetic uncovers a period time of glorious revelation then. You can have that inclination. Look for data only for the sake of entertainment travel locations.Request your amigos for suggestions. Gone to a choice in a joint effort with another family choice. Make utilization of the tips this data has given you have a critical excursion.

Keep composed notes of key data if you travel abroad. You might require their help with the case you have an issue. They’ll be able to help you with any issues that emerge.

Travel Adventures Marketing

Make a posting for the excursion!

In the event that you need inoculations to have the capacity to visit a provincial, try to convey your immunization testament alongside you. Without having your authentication, you might be confined.

  • Try not to trust that the air goes to concentrate on your caprices when you’re flying. On the off chance that you really require headphones, pack a travel pad, you have to take the own onboard alongside you. You might even wish to pack along a nibble before getting onto the plane.
  • You will discover a considerable measure of travel thoughts accessible that appreciated pets and excursion locales now. Some offer pet spas and daycares. You can be your pet alongside you are making the right arrangements ahead of time.
  • Watch out for your most critical data and items close to you at all events. Try not to have a pack with zips that offer speedy access to the pockets. They are each point that needs considering when searching for a safe pack for the ventures.
  • Bring a magazine of matches or card alongside you at all events. This is greatly useful if you pick not exactly grasp the dialect.
  • The expense per unit of these little things is ludicrous. Have a go at collapsing your garments in imaginative courses in which will safe space and allow you to consume less room. These lessening strategies permits you make extra space inside your sack.
  • You would prefer not to should be disturbed by consistent development amid excursion.
  • You won’t ever anticipate precisely what the climate there. A waterproof shell might likewise work as a jacket once the climate conditions are chilly, any rain that emerges and additionally conceivably like a robe!
  • In some cases, you end up in a poor inn. Bring an elastic doorstop for safety.You can put it beneath you overnight with the essential chain and bolt.


Take a lot of breaks when driving with youthful youngsters. Breaks furnish you with the chance to stretch out and go to the washroom. Getting a little tyke from autos in a few spots will likewise help them keep away from movement affliction. It may take somewhat more to get there, yet it’ll permit it to be a little sum requesting.

Pack a couple travel flame lights for the trip.This could bring about the aroma of the room much better. The scents could be unwinding, and it will help you to rest better.

Arranging painstakingly and applying certain tips will help you revive your pleasure in voyaging. These pointers will help you enormously inside your travel undertakings.

Bed & Breakfast in London: How to Experience the Best for Less

As the largest city in Europe, London offers a multitude of cultural attractions, historic sites, and diverting entertainments to please even the most demanding traveller. Well-known landmarks like the London Eye and the forbidding Tower of London attract millions of visitors each year, while over 200 museums offer a unique array of educational experiences sure to please even the most particular guests. Magnificent palaces, immaculately manicured public parks, and some of the finest shopping venues in all of Europe make London a favoured spot for vacationers and travellers from around the world.

Why Choose a London Bed and Breakfast?

To achieve the authentic London experience, a London bed and breakfast can offer traditional English accommodations including the standard English breakfast complete with mushrooms, sausage, bacon, and baked beans. By choosing among the various establishments offering bed and breakfast in London, travellers can enjoy an immersive foray into the real England. Some bed and breakfasts in London provide faithful renditions of the traditional English inn experience, while others focus on luxury and numerous amenities for their guests. In contrast to the large hotel chains, London bed and breakfast establishments can offer personalised service to travellers, ensuring that every part of the stay is perfect to their liking.

Hotel Bed And Breakfast London


How to Select the Perfect Bed and Breakfast in London

The right accommodations can significantly enhance your vacation experience. By choosing a bed and breakfast that complements your other plans, you can enjoy a memorable vacation for far less than the cost of a typical London luxury hotel. Small, traditional London bed and breakfast accommodations usually offer a warm and welcoming atmosphere and a great deal of personal service, but overly enthusiastic owners and staff may be too intrusive for couples looking for a romantic getaway. Larger bed and breakfast establishments may offer more amenities but tend to be more expensive and may not offer the traditional English atmosphere or accoutrements during your stay.


Finding the Best London Boutique Hotels

A trendy alternative to the traditional London bed and breakfast establishments, boutique hotels offer a broad range of services to their guests and are available in a full variety of prices to fit nearly any budget. Some London boutique hotels offer themed accommodations ranging from Italian-influenced décor to rock and roll inspired room designs. Others concentrate on providing spa-quality services to their guests, with amenities to rival the major London hotel chains. In general, London boutique hotels strive to offer a unique and memorable experience for their patrons, including personal services similar to those provided in London bed and breakfast establishments. Finding the best boutique hotel is dependent on the wants and needs of the guest in question; if you’re looking for a quiet, serene retreat after a long day of shopping and sightseeing, then one of the spa-oriented hotels may be right for you. For night owls, a trendy bed and breakfast or boutique hotel close to the action may be a perfect choice.

Bed and Breakfasts

Bed and Breakfast in London

By opting for a bed and breakfast or a budget boutique hotel, travellers can save money over the large chain hotels while enjoying the attractions and cultural offerings of one of the fascinating cities in the world. London is home to some of the most beautiful palaces, intriguing museums, and seminal events available anywhere; by choosing your accommodations carefully, you can take in all the sights and glamour of the city without spending a small fortune.

London Boutique Hotels

The distinctions among London bed and breakfasts, full-fledged London hotels and London boutique hotels which set each group apart have nothing to do with size, amenities or services provided. It quite simply comes down to a matter of “style”.

Boutique hotels revolve around a theme, and each room within the hotel reflects that theme individually. Sometimes each room will have a name to denote its adherence to the topic and the room will be decorated in keeping with it.

London boutiques are fantastic examples of this increasingly popular type of hotel. They are real experts in demonstrating how it should be done using imagination and good taste. Even when over-the-top, the British boutiques still come shining through as comfortable and beautiful gems that you will enjoy and want to get back to. In many cases, you’ll be so allured by the many displays of unusual items to feast your eyes on that you may not want to venture outside!

best hotels in London

If you’ve ever been to Miller’s Residence, you’ll know what I mean. This lovely luxury boutique is set in the style of a 18th-century house.  They have an eclectic assortment of rooms all echoing shades of the past surrounded by antiques and curiosities.  All of their rooms are named after famous romantic poets to help get your imagination in gear.  Choose from Keats, Blake, Byron, Shelley, Coleridge, Browning, Tennyson or Wordsworth.  Each one is filled to the rafters with paintings, books, knick knacks, mirrors, period pieces and furniture all reminiscent of the era and the famed poet it is honouring.

For total and complete opulence in an Italian style, there is the Baglioni Hotel.  This London boutique is one of many Baglioni hotels throughout Europe and has won the distinctive recognition as one of the “Leading Small Hotels of the World”.  This Tuscan-inspired hotel will greet you with a beautiful fountain, Italian ceramic and stone floors and unbelievable gold vases brimming with white roses.  There are more than 50 suites here, and you will have access to a personal shopper, a butler, spa, fitness centre, and don’t forget the chauffeur-driven Maserati Quattroporte! The rooms are decorated in sumptuous fabrics, and linens with gorgeous Venetian glass and mirrors all put together in a refined elegance.

When looking for a boutique – in London – here are a few tips to help in your selection:

  • Decide on where you want to stay, i.e. which area of London, before looking at the choices.
  • If you have predetermined needs, such as WiFi in your room, write these down. Most of the boutiques we show you will more-than-likely have these, but better just be sure.
  • Is it necessary for you to be by a tube stop?
  • How easy will it be to grab a cab?
  • One of my absolute favourite boutiques is Blakes. But it’s tucked away in a residential area of Chelsea, and sometimes it can be difficult to grab a taxi. (Chelsea in the evenings is especially hard to find a cab as there are some great restaurants in the area and many people are finishing up their meals and leaving at the same time.) You may need to walk to the main road. If you’re unsure and this is important to you, call the hotel to see if they’ve a doorman who will fetch one for you.

Corinthia Hotel London

With all of those items checked, now it’s time to determine which hotel offers your preferred style. Do you like minimalist decor or are you a Victorian-ambience junky? There are so many styles of boutiques in London that we have classified them to help you narrow down your choices by what you’re looking for such as:

* Traditional British
* Quirky English
* Continental
* Modern Trendy

Within each of these groupings, below are the London boutiques which are reviewed by Mr and Mrs Smith’s. Their reviews are not the typical ones you see on the internet; but rather they offer offbeat, tongue-in-cheek observations melded with honest impressions.

One thing is sure, if you choose to stay in the Quirky English boutique, The Gore, and remain in the Judy Garland room, (where you’ll sleep in her bed), you will know you’re not in Kansas anymore!

boutique hotels in London

There are so many styles of boutiques in London that we have classified them to help you narrow down your choices by what you’re looking for such as:

  • Traditional British
  • Quirky English
  • Continental
  • Modern Trendy


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Decouvrez nos ravissantes chambres, spacieuses et lumineuses grâce à de grandes baies vitrées.. équipées de  salle de bain privée et de toilette, douche et baignoire, sèche cheveux, et  de TV, de minibar, de coffre et téléphone..

Nous nous engageons à faire de votre séjour un moment mémorable, en plus nous vous offrons une ambiance intime agrémentée d’une nuit sécuritaire et confortable.

We are a hotel that lives by the far definition of perfection

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